TACOVIA SLU is a Spanish company, based in Madrid and Lisbon (Portugal). Established in 2015, it currently represents a considerable market share in both countries, counting since its establishment with professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the road transport sector.

 The company

TACOVIA presents an innovative vision and future-oriented thinking of technologies in the road transport of goods and passengers. The company remains at the forefront of new technological tools to support transport companies in the training of professional drivers.

TACOVIA is a specialized organization that offers solutions in the field of external management of tachographic data, legal assistance and infringement resources, consulting services for transport companies either with training or through existing Training Centers, with the best specialists within each area of action. Trust the best experience!


Promote a cooperation with customers of a complete and innovative service. Recruitment of specialized human resources, motivated and capable of exceeding daily, aimed at creating value to our customers.


To develop the company in a sustainable way, providing growth from the inside, with the development in qualification of its workers, towards the outside with its partners and customers. With the condition of being a company of reference and unequivocal excellence, in terms of providing services to road transport companies or others, providing value solutions in the areas of tachographs and driver training.


The main objective of TACOVIA is the success of our clients in complying with the legal and operational requirements related to driving times and driver rest, both for the objective and functional training on the subject directly to drivers, proposing and implementing actions that present a breakthrough for companies, such as for advice and support in their objectives of reducing infractions by more than 80%.
Maintain a permanent, lasting and trustful relationship with our clients for their permanent satisfaction as well as with suppliers and other entities.
We want, together with the businessmen, to assume the responsibilities of progress of the companies providing for the purpose, specialists in the areas of management of driving times, rest and training of the drivers of our client companies.
We carry out any challenge knowing that there is no operation that cannot be improved with good processes that produce great results in operations.


Customer contact for needs assessment;
Historical and strategic analysis of the activities with tachographs of drivers and their training;
Identification of weak and strong points and presentation of actions with a view to focused driver-by-driver training;
Technical and legal support of the processes;
Subsequent monitoring of the results and presentation of corrective measures;


Confidentiality - Each client is unique in their own reality and expects full confidence and confidentiality from us.
Discipline and professionalism - Technical rigor based on the experience and constant training.
Dedication - Know how to overcome difficulties and never give up.
Cooperation - Strong, reliable and trustful relationships through the exchange of results obtained and experiences always lived in an environment of trust and collaboration among the participants.
Differentiation - Clear differentiation in the markets where it operates, by offering integrated services available to its customers, with international strategic partners allowing customer value creation. The quality in the provision of the service and the permanent attention to the daily needs of the clients is a mandatory factor for TACOVIA.
Qualification - Professionals with long experience, with specialized technical training, promoting the exchange of their competencies with customers, not only at the domestic market level or internationally.

Types of service


The company TACOVIA, specialized in solutions for the transport sector, presents an innovative complete data management service, both digital and analog tachographs.

The introduction of tachographs means new challenges for transport companies, related not only to the commitment to custody of the archives but also to the correct analysis of the data. We want to facilitate this task, so we propose a complete solution that will facilitate and improve the management of your fleet.

Display of digital discs and files of the driver card and digital tachograph in diagrams;
Identification of infractions in the scope of Regulation 561/2006;
Identification of disk anomalies;
Creation of the certification of activities in accordance with Regulation 561/2006;
Control of important deadlines (medical examinations, tachograph legalization, etc.);
Registration of drivers' working time according to Community Directive 2002/15;
Vehicle reports, including monthly vehicle mileage;
Archive of the driver card and digital tachograph files on the server for one year from the date of download;
Downloading data from the internal memory of the digital tachograph.

We offer our customers the driver card reading device and the data reading program!

Take advantage of the knowledge of the best specialists and leave in our hands the professional management of tachographic data! We are at your disposal for any clarification and questions. Contact Us!


Our team is made up of specialists with the most experience that can give you the guidance you need and accompany the processes of resources that are characterized by their specificity and complexity

Our legal department will guide you and quickly find the best solution for each case delivered, also helping you with your unpaid arrangements, conflicts with insurers, as well as the complete advice related to sanctions in the scope of Regulation 561.

Trust the best!

A web and offline system to store and evaluate digital tachograph data. It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use driver activity analysis with automatic data transfers and secure storage.
The analysis of the driver's activity includes current regulations; (EC) No 561/2006, (EU) No 165/2014 and Directive 2002/15 / EC. and is compatible with all common web browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.
It is a multi-user system that allows you to easily assign different responsibilities; An operator can be assigned the responsibility of a group of vehicles; Drivers can log in to download their own digital cards.

The complete tachograph data solution for any size company. For anyone, from single drivers to large fleets. Fulfills legal regulations for saving and controlling driver card data and tachographic data..

TachoPlus PC

Archiv-PC - Single workstation solution for small businesses.

TachoPlus SERVER

Archiv-S - Performance package for middle-sized companies using servers.


Enterprise - For companies with multiple workstations and/or multiple sites.

TachoPlus CLOUD

All products are also available in a cloud solution..


4. TECHNICAL REVIEWS OF INFRACTIONS. REGULATIONS 561/2006, 165/2015, Directive 2012/15/CE:

We carry out technical reports on infractions related to regulation 561/2006 and penalized by Law 27/2010.
These expert opinions are of crucial importance in challenges and claims to audit institutions, as well as in labor matters for litigators.
Courts, lawyers, companies and workers are the ones who most request this type of expertise.


Formats: Face-to-face, distance and elearning (Moodle)

- Tachographs - 4h and 8h

- Defensive and Economic Driving - 8h

- Cargo Conditioning – 8h

- Hygiene and Safety at work - 8h

- Firefighting - 8h

- First Aid – 8h


Low cost hardware but highly efficient in downloading vehicle data and driver cards.
It will store all the data on the driver's card and the vehicle unit until it is transferred to a PC.
When connected to a PC, our software automatically archives all data.
It also allows the transfer of files to virtually any platform.
It is the fastest digital tachograph download hardware on the market. Easy to set up and use.
> Fast downloads (30 days in just 4.5 minutes)
> Internal memory with secure communication. That is 100% virus free.
> Compact and robust design.
> Simple firmware update process.


Disks: No
Data transfer cards: yes
Tachograph data transfer: yes


Customized supplies for each service.
We order the supply without compromise, we will enter into contact immediately.


International drivers needed




Professional Data:

Make a short summary of your work experience with dates and where you work and / or additional knowledge (courses, spoken languages, computer and others).

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Calle Oviedo, 7, Planta 2-C,
28020 Madrid – ESPAÑA
TEL: +34 917 372 895
MOV: +34 633 649 304


Av. Berlim k - Rch-D,
1800-000 Lisboa
TEL: +351 210 189 659
MOV: +351 932 650 970